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Drawing for transformation.

With these works I have just wanted to open up what is there in daily life as a space of reflection :  domestic communal colloboration : coming to what is broken and letting it be reclamation : letting it be regeneration : trying to feel into humanity : looking for connection and intimacy in a world that hurts. I started looking close at the things around me : trying to slow down a bit : I went swimming in crystal shower falls in the Dorrigo rainforest and was stung by some floating leaves of a giant stinging tree : I am just being touched by the world : let it bite : let it be a brown snake spirit in the grass! The drawings have come from this space of gentle and intense daily reflection : deep from my domestic spaces : bread boards and knives sharp edg’d on the captlyst whet stone : bath time piracy : flood footprints down the hall : fossil tracks and the intimate strata of the dead : old tree asbestos tragedy and a frizzby on the roof dangling : lunar circles moving waves of earth tides : the drawings come from where domestic spaces merge with the wild : economy :  as in the words of the poet Gary Snyder, the managements and interconnections of ‘the house hold of the earth’ : all this is made in intimacy with my big wide family.

I am wondering about the complexity of the world around me : part capatlyst nightmare and part sacred mystery : for me, something feels broken : culture : family : spirit : meaning : relationship : held in an orbit by gravity : a dance of cosmos : Shopping trolleys afternoon suburban shipwrecks : Currawong song thru rural town grid ramblings : sharp beak holes in the grass :  singing angels and atomic dust :  pure earth springs and ochre red swimming holes : quartz and basalt rich ranges : broad leaf fig remnant giants full of fruit bats : flooding the sky at dusk : to start with I tried to take positions and make a stand : so many vital and important issues to work into art : poetry : song : story : colonisation : being a mongrel white man : ancestral ghosts in the ground rising : massacre : anarchy : the folly and disease of monocultures from monogamy to monotheism : old growth forest woodchips : big hell hole mining : so many issues : how do I work my way through these concerns that fill my daily consciousness?


2 responses

  1. Di Clark

    Great to read your reflections, concerns, awareness. I’m sure it’s healing to just write it down and do your creative things drawing on the pool of creative soup that surrounds us. Love to you and the “big wide family”, Di

    March 9, 2011 at 10:47 pm

  2. Beautiful, I like how your art connects directly with your soul.
    Thanks for following me at artcalling, I think though, that my blog on transition is closer to my truth these days, it is http://www.tendingtime.wordpress.com cheers, Sarah

    August 4, 2014 at 8:11 am


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