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The great gastronomic revolution of 1952


                                                                                                        The great gastronomic revolution of 1952:


Ate dreary food:

Living off tea, bread and butter:

Pale and bloodless little fish or fruit:

Red meat:

264 lbs per head per year:

Bigger plate mound of meat than USA: England: France: Germany!

Meat coupon scale on the wall.

Butcher shop community place:

Red meat religion?


gastronmic revolution of 1952



A revolution in the kitchen!

Demand for salad industrial cafeteria:

Anti-chauvinistic cuisine:

World war post migrant national diet, jugged wallaby:

Roast brush turkey Sundays:

Sea slug soup:

Baked paw paw, wonga wonga pigeon, turtle fin and prickly pear jelly:

Kangaroo tail soup:

Cures for indigestion in southern colonies:

Coffee grown on the river in cairns:

Sri lanken harvesters on 1900 plantations:

Flannel shirted black gum booted pants tucked in:Wild

Aesthetic pleasure of corned beef:

Casserole, steak and crayfish:

Regular haunts, Pavlova, lamented lamingtons.


Meat pie national dish:

Sold fresh:

Frozen over long distances:

Truck driver supermarket transport on highway one:

Factory meat pie perpetual despite the onslaughts:

Half a million pies a day:

Throughout the state:

Councillors cross the road for fine cuisine:

Chamber cafeteria shunned:

Mocked in some circles:


Looked like smoke:

Sealed, respectable, invalid:





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