Growing a life of art and gentle anarchy, Narrative: Shamanic story, poetry, music, and visual art in all shapes, forms and ways. Art as everyday domestic based healing and the nuture of beauty.

deep space tracking antenna

“real wealth consists of things of beauty and utility, of surrounds inspiring to live in”.

-Emma Goldman

I started this painting the other night, i am interested in relationship and the journey of lovers: there is always somthing to learn about the people that i love: Realising that i have trouble communicating because there is heaps of fear that gets in the way of being able to see: Looking through a book called “discovering the universe”: i found this object/technology that is coded deep space tracking antenna and being able to relate to it: decided that is exactly what this picture needs (look close in the landscape beyond!) being someones lover/partner/friend is a lot like looking into deep space: seeing the most mind boggling things: things that are incredibly beautiful and humbling!



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